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''People are as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. 

When I look at a sunset I don't find myself saying, soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner, I don't try to control a sunset.

I watch with awe as it unfolds " 


Carl Rogers


Balm Therapies |

B A L M   T H E R A P I E S  


Holistic Health and Wellbeing




We offer a unique holistic service which focuses on creating balance and well being. The purpose of applying, treatments is to manage stress, tension and anxiety and to work through difficulties and challenges which may be a result of trauma or events which have taken place in the past.  We consider the needs of the client including their physical emotional and spiritual



In some cases, emotional and spiritual imbalance can be manifested in the existence of physical ailments.

Traditional healing incorporates the concept of holism and balance, the application of these systems provides the opportunity to create clarity, and connection with the inner self.    

The therapist provides a healing environment which can create the conditions for change and transformation.

A comprehensive assessment is undertaken prior to any treatment to ensure that the appropriate service is offered.

This is an opportunity to explore with the therapist, treatment expectations, and to identify any contraindications

which may exist.

After care guidance, and advice is offered to all clients, which can assist in maintaining wellbeing between treatments.

An important element of most holistic therapies is self-care.  This empowering process often means that clients can maintain balance beyond the therapeutic space.


The Magnolia Therapy Centre

354 Mansfield Road




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